During the first few weeks of the lockdown, my focus was on contacting our borrowers to ascertain how their projects have been (or were expected to be) affected by the Covid19 restrictions. Ensuring our security is adequate, that the correct insurance and compliance policies are in place and assessing how we could help is critical. Understanding possible changes and responding accordingly is absolutely key.

As client meetings and site visits ceased, we adopted workarounds so that projects could continue where they were able. For example, we organised weekly progress photographs by email and meetings via Zoom video conferencing. One client now provides me with a time-lapse video feed of the construction progress on site.

New deal opportunities have continued to flow as many funders have either made their criteria too restrictive or are unable to progress applications as a result of the current lock down restrictions.   

At Bricks, we have been open throughout and our weekly team credit discussions have moved online through Zoom video conferencing.