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Seven Luxury Homes, Newton Abbot

Published by Jerry Rihll, 2020
Local tradesmen Sam and Simon started their careers in the building industry and, like many others, did the odd bit of private work for friends and family in their spare time.

When they formed their own development company, 10 years ago, they had no trading record and their local high street bank was unwilling to support them. They worked with a national speciality finance company, which started well but became too restrictive and impersonal for the kind of long-term partnership that they wanted. So Sam and Simon came to Bricks.

Sam said, “I am Devon born and bred, like my family, and if we can support suppliers on our doorstep then we do. You get better service locally and that is why we chose Bricks. Speed is of the essence and Bricks understands that. I feel like Bricks is part of our team and that we are all battling for the same side. Bricks want a successful outcome for us as much as we want it, and couldn’t be more helpful, efficient and proactive.”

Simon added: “What’s great for us as a company is that Bricks actually wants to see our business grow and succeed as well. We have created a close working relationship by working side by side.” Jerry Rihll said: “Since 2016, we have built a close collaboration with Sam and Simon based upon mutual understanding, strong performance and shared commercial success. We are proud to be starting out on our fifth development project together.”

Sam and Simon (pictured here with Jerry Rihll) trawl through the internet daily to source new developments. They have made good connections with local estate agents and that helps in terms of site acquisition. Their previous site in Kingsteignton never actually came onto the open market as the agent offered them first refusal. And with quick finance from Bricks, they took it.

Sam and Simon’s current project is located in Newton Abbot, Devon. It comprises 7 detached houses, one of which will be a new home for Sam himself who said: “We bought the site with a personal mortgage from a high street lender. Unfortunately, we were then left in the lurch as the lender would not be party to the Section 106 agreement with the council; basically, their computer said no, which prevented us from getting planning approval. Bricks came to our rescue by refinancing the site.”

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