Audley Redwood is a retirement village set within 15 acres of landscaped parkland only a short drive from the centre of Bristol. It comprises 106 apartments and 20 cottages all built to complement the local Georgian architecture.

After their bank said ‘no’, Bricks provided a retired couple with a short-term loan so they could secure the property they wanted at Audley Redwood. Bricks spokesperson Clive Banks said: “We were able to understand and deal with the unusual covenants that the developer imposed and commit funds to ensure they could secure their desired property.”

The developers originally wanted a small charge on the property to ensure the standing management charges were paid, meaning the couple would have required a ‘second charge loan’ – effectively having to take out two mortgages on their home, which is difficult for anyone to do.

The retired couple were able to repay Bricks three months later following the sale of their main residence. They said, “Bricks was able to understand our position and fund us for only a short time whilst our properties sold.”