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Boost your Savings with Fixed Return of 5% +

Published by Jerry Rihll, Jul 2021

With interest rates at historically low levels, traditional deposit accounts from high street banks and building societies now average well below 1%. Is it possible to achieve a fixed income of 5% or more?

Yes, with Bricks Finance as we offer a fixed income investment of 5% per annum. Bricks Finance has paid investors this fixed rate of interest every day of every year since we were founded in 2014. We pay even more for larger investments.

Our founders, Clive Banks, Will Michelmore and Jerry Rihll lend their own money alongside money from friends and family (about 30% of the Bricks Finance £20M fund is their own money, November 2020) and then Bricks Finance lends it to local people who need a loan and can provide security and a repayment plan to back it up.

So, although a loan to Bricks Finance it is not totally risk free, it is a very low risk as the fund is spread across multiple loans (24 loans in November 2020), and we only lend to local people we’ve met, trust and understand. This successful formula underpins the continuous and successful growth of Bricks Finance.

Due to the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA) 2000 which imposes restrictions on firms issuing or approving a financial promotion, Bricks Finance can only accept loans from high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors.

Next step: With this successful approach to lending, we are able to pay a fixed rate of interest that starts at 5% per annum. Higher rates are paid on larger sums. We are always interested in talking to potential investors who would like to invest alongside us so if you would like to find out more, please email one of our founders Jerry Rihll.

Bricks Finance makes regulated and unregulated loans. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for mortgage contracts but we are not authorised for all of the loans we provide. Your capital is at risk and is not protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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Founded in 2014 with over 90 years of combined property, finance and legal expertise, the Bricks Finance team help local people to access finance easily and quickly by offering bespoke lending using their own funds as well as those from investors.

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