When Jerry, Will and I started Bricks five years ago, we were responding to a banking industry that paid woeful interest rates on savings and had retreated from short-term lending. We didn’t know how long the situation would last, nor whether peer-to-peer and other alternative finance platforms would dominate. But we have grown year-on-year and, as word spreads, more and more introducers want us to fund their clients – and we now operate a waiting list for investors who want to lend to us. Bricks is booming.  

We have earned a surplus in every year of operation and are unashamed about our success, because profits boost our capital and give more protection to our lenders. Our competitors, by contrast, seem to burn through their cash chasing market share – only one of the major lending alternative finance platforms appears to be profitable, which calls into question their long-term sustainability.

We will continue to build Bricks profitably, giving our investors a superior return on their savings, best regards, Clive Banks.