For investors the Bricks Finance model is proving to be a compelling choice. Indeed, with near zero interest rates from the high street banks and NS&I, the Bricks fixed interest rate of between 5% and 7% stands as a beacon of solid, sensible investment.

Will Michelmore says, “The relationship with our investors is strong and long lasting and we take great care to keep them informed with all that is happening, building a sense of community and shared understanding.”

Indeed, Mr A., a multiple business owner from Exeter, specifically cites this aspect of the business when revealing why he invested: “I appreciate the social side of Bricks, where we meet the other investors – some of them friends – to find out about the local projects that our funds make possible.

“I invested in Bricks over four years ago and have increased my investment several times since. The fixed rate of return is far better than anything available with the high street banks and I like to see where my money is being invested.”

Mutual respect and understanding was a key reason for another investor, Mr R., a Senior Partner with a Global Law Firm, to entrust his investment with Bricks: “I invested because I trust the people behind Bricks and they are able to give me a much better rate of return than my bank.

“I like their business model and the way they focus on providing support for local businesses in the region which they know and understand.”

Finally, Mrs B., of Lyme Regis in Dorset, had very specific reasons for entrusting her money with Bricks: “I came into some money through the sale of a property and I wanted a reasonable fixed rate of return with low risk. I knew one of the Brick’s founders, Clive Banks, and after meeting the other two founders, I was confident enough to make my investment.

“That was 18 months ago and today I still feel Bricks is the best place for my money. I like the way my money is combined with money from the other investors, the founders and their families to diversify the risk and to make loans in the South West.

“It is a personal contract of mutual trust between me and Bricks and we both benefit.”