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Looking for a higher yield on your savings? Join our small community of investors and earn interest alongside our founders who, with family, account for about twenty percent of our funding.

6% - 8% p.a.

fixed rate of return

12 months

minimum term


investor losses to date

We pool investor funds with our own to make bespoke short-term loans secured on property in the South West. We offer different fixed rates of return depending on the amount and term of investment, paying between 6% to 8% for a minimum of £50,000 for 12 to 24 months.

Our guiding principle is ‘sensible financing’. We take a common-sense approach to lending, fully exploring where risks lie and how they can be managed.

We understand the importance of rigorous risk management and our highly experienced team adopts a hands-on policy to every loan we make. When we consider a new loan, our credit committee ensures we only lend to people who can afford to repay us and all loans are secured on assets with a maximum loan to asset value of 70%.

This is why we have recorded zero investor losses since we founded Bricks in 2014.

The founders of Bricks invest their own money alongside yours. We meet borrowers personally, assess the case for finance in detail, and take security on property for which we understand the market value. Our investment fund consists of over 80 individual investors, as well as the founders and their family members, who together make up about twenty percent of our total fund.

Once the loan is in place, we collect all the interest and principal repayments from the borrower.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide mortgages and comply with all professional obligations and regulatory standards. We also make unregulated loans. Loans to Bricks are not covered by the Financial Conduct Authority. Your capital is at risk and is not protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

If you would like to be part of Bricks and our business of sensible finance click below to get in touch.

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How long can I invest for?

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Founded in 2014 with over 90 years of combined property, finance and legal expertise, the Bricks Finance team help local people to access finance easily and quickly by offering bespoke lending using their own funds as well as those from investors.

Clive Banks

founder and investor

Will Michelmore

founder and investor

Jerry Rihll

founder and investor

Nicholas Shepherd

lending officer

Nicola Walther

lending officer

Angela Connelly-Cole

finance manager

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