Part 1 – email security

We take security very seriously and wanted to highlight some of the risks of using email. People often think email is secure, but it isn’t. It’s like sending a postcard by Royal Mail, anyone can read it. So when you send personal information by email ask yourself, would you write this on a postcard and post it?

If you need to send personal details via email consider typing them into Word or Excel and password protect the file. Then, email the file and send the password separately by Text or WhatsApp both of which are very secure.


Part 2 – email fraud

Another risk is re-routed payments. By way of example: a fraudster may contact the customers of individual businesses and advise them that bank account numbers have changed. They then instruct all future payments to be sent to the new account. It can be difficult to detect this type of fraud since cybercriminals can mimic any email address.

To protect yourself always query change of bank details by phone using known contact details and do not reply directly to the email or use any phone numbers or other contact information included in the email. If in doubt, please get in touch with us using the contact details on our web site.

Our bank HSBC has a very useful guide: HSBC: