Dave Haines and David Chard were experts in building other people’s properties. Their building company has a long-established track record of delivering excellent projects for other people.

But when the pair wanted to develop for themselves it was an existing link with Bricks which led to them financing their first building project. Dave and David had been contracted by Clive Banks for a project he was developing himself and it was through that partnership that discussions began on how to raise finance.

Dave takes up the story: “We had already bought a plot of land in Exeter and were planning to develop it. But it was the usual story with the banks – when you go to them for finance they want you to have a track record in developing before they will consider you. It’s a chicken and egg situation – you don’t have the track record because you don’t necessarily have the finance to start your projects. So it’s impossible to get started.”

David adds: “I had a couple of meetings with banks about lending us some money but it was hopeless. You feel like giving up.”

But, having got to know Clive through the established working partnership, it wasn’t long before they had decided to apply to Bricks formally for funding for their project – to build four two-bedroom semi-detached homes on the site of a former house and shop in Salters Road, Exeter. “It has been really easy from the start,” adds Dave. “Clive knows the development business himself and so he instantly understood what we were trying to achieve.

Dave concludes: “I’d really recommend Bricks Finance for anyone who needs to raise finance for their project. It has been easy and straightforward for us to arrange things and they do not want to keep pestering you about what is happening. They just allow you to get on and make things a success.”