Bridge to break free

Successful deal-making is harder. With so many people working from home and cutbacks in the workforce, deals are taking longer, and the economic uncertainty means a finance offer today may be withdrawn tomorrow. Bridging loans are becoming more popular because they are easy to arrange and can provide quick, short-term finance.

Homeowners are using bridge finance to change their own homes to create a better home-working space and landlords are doing the same to boost their rental income.


Destination South West…for tourists and homebuyers

Our region now finds itself at the forefront of economic activity. With foreign travel difficult, the rise of the staycation means the traditional holiday counties of the South West continue to experience strong demand.

Who wouldn’t rather work from home in a cottage in Lympstone rather than slogging in on the 7:32 to Waterloo? Buyers from ‘up country’ are choosing not to put off their dream move west any longer.

Bricks is ready and able to provide finance to meet this pent-up demand. If you are in business and ready to start your project, or need bridge financing, then now might just be the time to talk to Bricks.


The new social finance model

People are moving away from traditional forms of investing because bank rates are close to zero and stock markets are fluctuating wildly.

Social finance with Bricks removes this uncertainty by providing a low risk home for your money with a fixed rate of return or 5%, 6% or 7% depending on the amount and term, with the convenience of interest being paid every six months. If you are a Sophisticated Investor or have income of more than £100,000 a year or have assets excluding your home of more than £250,000, talk to us about joining our community of investors who see the sense of investing in Bricks.