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When we started Bricks in 2014, our goal was to provide sensible financing and a better rate of return for us, our families, and our friends.

Ten years later, over 80 other private investors have joined our original lending fund. We have lent over £125M to a variety of local businesses and individuals in the South West. Today, nearly twenty percent of our lending is still funded by us and our families.

We pool investor funds with our own to make bespoke short-term loans secured on property in the South West.

We specialise in asset-backed business and bridging loans. We help local people to access finance easily and quickly by offering bespoke lending using our own funds as well as those from investors.

Will, Jerry and Clive have over 90 years of property, finance and legal expertise between them. They have each built large and successful businesses, and it is their combined knowledge, professional contacts and business experience that allow Bricks to offer attractive rates for borrowers and competitive rates for investors.

Our investors earn returns of between 6% – 8% each year. We support only sensible finance requests and every loan we make is backed by the security of a charge against real property assets.

Today, over 80 other private investors have joined the original lending fund, which was established by our founders. To date, we have lent over £125M to a variety of local businesses and individuals. Nearly twenty percent of our lending is funded by our founders and their family members.

We have made, and been fully repaid, over 150 loans to support developments across the South West, including local housing (both new build and redevelopment), a forestry retreat with lodges, care homes, a social club, a marina development, farm and barn conversions, a specialist medical home, an adventure park in a quarry, a pioneering natural energy source, solar energy arrays and several large trusts and estates. No two loans are the same, which is why we treat all of our borrowers as individuals. Using our own underwriting process, we ensure complete flexibility in the decisions we make. And we only ever make a loan if all three of us are in full agreement, a principal that has served us well since we started.

We are proud to be different from traditional lending organisations and offer a unique investment opportunity. Please get in touch today to find out why.

Meet the team

Clive Banks

founder and investor

Clive spent 24 years in investment banking, working for First Chicago, Citibank, and BNP Paribas, specialising in financing and risk management. In 2002, he began investing privately as an early stage investor in Guggenheim, a company which now has $220 billion worth of assets under management.

He has personally launched three start-ups (one in partnership with Coldplay) and invested in ten others. Swapping London for Honiton, he now concentrates his projects closer to home. Committed to funding local projects, Clive concentrates on debt financing and has funded both wind and solar power projects, high-end property development in the private St. George’s Hill estate in Weybridge and, more recently, has redeveloped an estate of eight properties near Exmouth in Devon.

Clive lives just outside Honiton with his wife Sarah and their four children.

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