I joined Bricks with a genuine sense of excitement at the opportunity to be part of a successful business that would allow me to do what I love – provide sensible funding that makes a difference and gives a great client experience. I have not been disappointed.

My days are varied with my time split between looking after our existing loans, assessing new borrowers, and promoting Bricks across the varied professional network that I built up during my two decades at NatWest Bank. I’ve always enjoyed helping clients achieve their goals and at Bricks I can do this in a personal and practical way, unshackled by ‘one size fits all’ funding policies of the past. It’s great to be involved in the whole process from the initial approach through to the repayment of a loan, and I’m looking forward to sharing our clients’ journeys with them.  

The biggest challenge for me has been stepping back from the rigid structures and bureaucracy that I have experienced in my previous roles.

Bricks is refreshingly uncomplicated and really does aim to keep things as simple as possible whilst ensuring a sensible risk profile. I am pleased to say I am adapting fast! There may be some challenging economic and political conditions ahead, but our combined knowledge, contacts and experience puts us in a great place, and I look forward to being an integral part of Bricks as it evolves and goes from strength to strength.

Tracey Abbott
Bricks Head of Lending