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Bricks Finance is a privately owned investment company based in Exeter. Founded in 2014 by Will Michelmore, Jerry Rihll and Clive Banks, our goal is to provide a better rate of return on savings, and access to funding no longer available from high street banks.

We specialise in asset-backed business and bridging loans – helping local people to access finance easily and quickly by offering bespoke lending using our own funds as well as those from investors.

Our founders have over 90 years of property, finance and legal expertise between them. They have each previously built large and successful businesses, and it is their combined knowledge, professional contacts and business experience that allow Bricks to offer attractive rates for borrowers and competitive rates for investors.

Benefits for investors

Our investors have the potential to achieve returns of up to 7% each year – a significantly greater percentage than is usual with high street banks and building societies. By financing robust projects which are well understood by Bricks’ founders, investors can rest assured that every investment is backed by the security of a charge against real property assets.

Today, over 50 other private investors have joined the original lending fund which was established by our founders – loaning over £20 million to a variety of businesses and individuals.

We have written loans to support developments across the South West – including local housing (both new build and redevelopment), several pubs, a forestry retreat with lodges, a care home, a social club, a specialist medical home, an adventure park in a quarry, a luxury hotel, a pioneering natural energy source and several large trusts and estates.

No two projects are the same, which is why we treat all of our borrowers as individuals. Using our manual underwriting process, we ensure complete flexibility in the decisions we make.

We are proud to be different from traditional lending organisations and investment opportunities – please get in touch today to find out why.

Bricks Finance – building financial relationships to fund the South West.
Bricks Finance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.