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...Over the past three years we have helped 35 borrowers realise their dreams with our investment in projects across the South West…We have paid over half a million pounds in interest to our investors... |

In 2016 we committed £7.2 million against security of £17 million

Quick and straightforward borrowing based on mutual trust and understanding.


We can often lend when your business bank will not. Borrow money for six months or up to ten years at sensible rates. Our process is simple and does not rely on you disclosing your personal income or outgoings. Loans are secured by a first charge on your assets.

Bricks Finance Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Copyright ©2017 Bricks Finance Ltd. Bricks™ is the trading name of Bricks Finance Ltd. Company number 09298424, registered in England and Wales.


  • • Easy application process
  • • Completion in 2-3 weeks
  • • Personal service to suit you

We lend to individuals and businesses in the South West. Reassuringly simple, with competitive rates, rapid turnaround and the option to roll up or retain interest to improve cash flow, we offer a flexible range of short and medium term lending solutions.

We will work with you to get the right decision quickly and as every business is unique, we tailor our loan package to suit your needs. Using our local knowledge and business experience we offer attractive rates (secured against equity in your property).

Development funding and property development finance is available to sole traders, private individuals and Limited Companies. Our non-status property backed loans can be secured against almost any type of land, residential, commercial or mixed use property.

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Q What security can I use for the loan?

Loans can be arranged against:

  • • Land
  • • Buy-to-let properties
  • • Commercial properties
  • • High value assets

Q Where does the money come from?

A Bricks Finance sources loans from a large community of private lenders.

Q Who does the paperwork?

A Bricks Finance produces all documentation including the valuation and legal work.

Q How much can I borrow?

A Bricks Finance offers loans of between £75,000 and £1,500,000. Larger loans may be possible and all loans are subject to the availability of lenders.

Q How long does the process take?

A If the loan requirement and underlying security is straightforward loans can be approved in principle within one week and funded within two weeks.

Improve the return on your wealth with excellent interest on loans that we make to people and organisations that can provide suitable security

Join our local community of investors and invest alongside us.


Improve the return on your cash by earning excellent interest on your deposited funds and benefit the South West economy.

Bricks Finance Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Copyright ©2017 Bricks Finance Ltd. Bricks™ is the trading name of Bricks Finance Ltd. Company number 09298424, registered in England and Wales.


  • • Exceptional interest rates
  • • Asset-backed Investment
  • • Simple and Personal Application

Bricks Financial is different from established investment organisations as we take away the risk and hassle associated with high returns on your capital. You can invest money in a range of high quality projects in the South West and receive high interest paid monthly on your capital with the comfort that we provide suitable security.

We understand the importance of impeccable risk management and our highly experienced team adopts a hands-on policy to every development loan we make. Frequently we will be investing our own funds alongside yours.

We source local businesses with a proven track record either directly or through our network of intermediaries including surveyors, solicitors, commercial agents and IFA's. We meet all of our borrowers in person and support local businesses, individuals and friends where banks are unable or unwilling to help.

We insist that loans are secured by a property to protect your investment. After a detailed review of the borrower’s requirements we conduct extensive credit screening including a personal interview and an independent valuation of the security.

We arrange all the legal documentation which is undertaken by our solicitors Michelmores LLP, ensuring you have the highest standard of legal protection and security. Once the loan is in place, we collect all the interest and principal repayments on your behalf.

Click Apply or call 01392 345778 to join our community of approved investors and find out why sensible investing with a sensible return has never been easier.


Q How much can I invest?

A Our minimum investment amount is £50,000.

We welcome introductions to borrowers and savers…

We provide attractive yields to savers through asset-backed investment. We can offer quick and tailored financing to borrowers with assets.


Bricks is authorised by the FCA. Investors can take comfort from the fact that we would pass the Bank of England’s recent Stress Test of a 31% fall in the value of UK residential property prices.

We pay commission to introducers of borrowers and we are extremely reliable in delivering when we say we can.


  • • Broaden your service to clients
  • • Sensible asset-based lending
  • • Exceptional investment rates

We want to develop long lasting relationships with finance specialists, STEP members, solicitors, commercial agents, mortgage brokers, IFA’s, bankers, accountants, property developers, surveyors and other professionals in the South West who would like to introduce new business to us.

We are independent and take a commercial view on deals. We obtain independent valuations and create a truly bespoke product so that you can recommend your clients with confidence for sensible asset-based borrowing or lending with a sensible return.

We offer a great opportunity to broaden the services you offer to clients. Bricks Finance doesn’t manage funds, offer banking or brokering services, and we don’t sell or give advice on financial products.

If you would like to be a registered introducer and provide your clients with a market-leading asset-backed loan or investment service click Apply or call 01392 345778 today.


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